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Hey Guys!

Would you like to know a super sneaky tip to boost your engagement RIGHT NOW?

Watch both videos in order. (Our office had a bit of a technical snafu while broadcasting!)

Have you heard of Facebook’s latest new feature: Facebook Live?

Facebook Live video connects you directly to your fans right in the moment, allowing you to stream your message live to fans all over the world instantaneously. This amazing new feature has become an incredible resource in recent months, and those who are savvy enough to use it have seen HUGE results. The reason for this is twofold:

  1. Fans LOVE live videos. People will react, comment, and share on a live video far more than they will on image posts or even traditional video posts.
  2. The Facebook Algorithm loves live videos, too. A Facebook Live post with automatically be shown to more of your fans than other types of posts.

Are you ready to get in on the action? Here are some “sneaky tips” on how to use Facebook Live for your marketing.

How to Use Facebook Live

  1. Broadcast Your Video

When you are ready to make a post using the Facebook Mobile App, you will see an option that says “Go Live”. Select this option to get started.

Create a description for your video. When people view your video in their news feed or notifications, this will be the title of your video.

While broadcasting, you can film yourself talking or you can capture something happening around you. You may be doing to video alone or you may want to have someone follow you as you walk around. This will depend on the reason for your video, and you’ll want to have that figured out beforehand. Once you are done broadcasting, your video will be saved on your timeline for fans to view later.

  1. Use Best Practices

Facebook has recommended some “best practices” to help ensure that your videos truly rock. Here are some tips & tricks to help you increase the awesome: Know what you plan to talk about ahead of time. You don’t have to write out a script, but know what key points you want to hit on, so you’re not just babbling.

What type of video do you want to make? How about:

  • Behind The Scenes Tours. What goes on at your office or at your company that people don’t always get to see, but might find interesting?
  • Question & Answer Sessions. Let your fans know ahead of time that you will be answering questions live at a specific time and date, and let them submit questions to you that they would like an answer to.
  • Tutorials & Product Demos. Show your fans how to operate your products, use your software, or do something cool related to your niche.
  • Did something big just happen in your industry? Is there some breaking news that people will want to know about ASAP? Do a Facebook Live update!

Think about your title. A good title is interesting to your specific target audience and leaves enough to the imagination to get them curious.

Location is important. Make sure there is not a lot of background noise, and speak clearly so that your fans won’t have to strain to understand you.

Give a shout out to viewers. Acknowledge that they have taken the time to join you live, if it’s reasonable for your number of viewers.  If not, perhaps just shout out to those who leave a comment during the video. After you’re done broadcasting, go ahead and respond to any comments you already have.

Cater to your audience. Test different topics, times of the day, and broadcast lengths. Find the best of each that your fans respond well to. Include a call to action at the end of your video. Encourage them to visit your website or send you a message for more details.

Always provide value. Don’t do a Facebook Live for every little thing you do. Think about whether this broadcast will provide value to your audience.

  1. Polish Up

After you finish broadcasting, you can edit your video the same way you would a traditional Facebook video. Go in and choose a thumbnail, select a category, and add your call to action.

What Now?

Now that your Facebook Live video is out there, you’ll want to use it for your marketing in as many ways as possible.

Consider creating a video ad to highlight your Facebook Live video and get more eyes on your message.

If your topic was more in-depth than a quick snippet of info, you can write a blog post for that topic and embed the video into it. You can then share this post on all of your other social media profiles.

Facebook live video is an awesome opportunity to increase your reach and engagement by providing more value to your customers in a way that is easy and fun. It is the absolute best method that you can use RIGHT NOW to succeed on Facebook.

Are you using Facebook Live yet?