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Newsfeed Topics


Topic based feeds are being tested at Facebook.

A handful of users recently reported a left aligned toolbar titled “Topics,” under which there were a few categories listed, including:

  • Animals & Pets
  • Food
  • Health & Fitness
  • Sports

If you were to click on any of these categories, you would see a feed with relevant posts from friends and pages that have been liked. As of right now, it seems that this feature is only available on desktop, Facebook for Mobile did not have this option.

The test has also been confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson: “People have told us they’d like options to see more stories on Facebook around specific topics they’re interested in. So we are testing a few feeds for people to view more and different stories from people and Pages based on topic areas. You can access these feeds from your Bookmarks, located underneath Favorites.”

You can also choose preferences when you click on a given topic, allowing you to drill down further into more specific interests. Doing so with the topic labelled “Food” will result in the question “What do you love about food?” The same action for the topic of “Sports” will bring up a list of sports teams.

Facebook acknowledges that this feature may have some hiccups, and if a post is categorized incorrectly you will have the option to leave feedback so that Facebook can possibly correct this in the future.

For some this might be a nifty little options, others might not be interested.

What about you? Will you use this new feature?